Your career is the second or third most important choice you’ll make after you’ve chosen a mate. After all, most people spend about 40 hours a week working and much of the rest of their time is spent recovering from work, preparing for work or taking care of the things you’ve bought with the money you’ve earned working.

Ideally people would consult a trained career counsellor before choosing a career, training or some other form of education. Many people simply fall into a job and stick to it until they can’t leave because of debts and other commitments.

Career testing is available from professional psychologists (check the Yellow Pages) and often from the student counselling departments of colleges and universities.

Check the information on Who Am I? in the Marriage section of this website. Matching your choice of career to your unique pattern of desires will dramatically improve your chances of career success.

Completing the VIA Signature Strengths Questionnaire will also help you to select a career that you will find personally satisfying.

Converting a job or career into a calling based upon your Signature Strengths is the ultimate stress management strategy.

Self-help books:

I've had numerous clients benefit from reading What Color Is Your Parachute? (2017) A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard Nelson Bolles (Updated yearly)

Becoming a Master Student

I’ve counselled many college “drop-outs” over the years. They usually admit to coasting through high school on their intelligence alone and then fail at advanced education because they never learned to study. No one convinced them that the competition would be stiff.

If I’m successful, I persuade them to read Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis. Once they learn to take notes in class and prepare for exams etc. they are more able to apply their intelligence in the academic arena. It’s a genuine pleasure to watch them succeed knowing they’re on the way to a better lifestyle.

Internet Resources:

Indeed - One Search, All Jobs.

Career Builder - Canada, USA 





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