Will this website improve my life? It depends.

MySecondChance.ca contains valuable information that nearly everyone can use to their benefit. However, with so many websites to choose from why should you devote your time and energy to find out if this it true? The following exercise is designed to help you with this decision.

Life is experienced in roughly five different ways. Which of the following descriptions best describes your life?

Happy and Healthy

      I like my self and my life. My mental and physical health
      are good. I have a fulfilling intimate relationship, good
      friends, and enjoy what I do for a living. I am prospering
      as a human being and take setbacks in stride.

Congratulations, you’ve found a nice balance! In the course of your life you will experience moments of euphoria in response to success and despair in response to failure.  However, you usually return fairly quickly to a happy-go-lucky state of mind.

This site may reveal the factors underlying your success and help you to preserve them. Learning the principles of Positive Psychology and Optimal Experience will deepen your joy. Ponderings will help you create a more meaningful lifestyle.


      My life is dreary and I’m not happy very often. It’s not that
      I feel particularly depressed, it’s just that I feel
      disconnected from sources of joy. I'm not happy with my
      relationships and my job/career is boring. "Blah" sums up
      just about everything.

This website will very likely re-energize your life. After all, you aren’t too far away from the next level up. Steadily applying the scientific principles contained within this website will pay dividends in the long run. Stick around, put in the effort! I can’t imagine your life not getting at least a little better.


     My life is awful! I've tried to succeed but fail again and
     again. I'm really only happy when distracted by an
     addictive substance or other compulsive behavior such as
     shopping or gambling. My intimate relationships are a
     disaster and I hate my job. I'm moody and so discouraged
     that I occasionally think life isn't worth living.

If you’ve felt this poorly for a long time, you probably should speak to your doctor or local mental health counselor. Sorry. I know it seems like a shameful thing to do but if you don’t get help, your mental and physical health will very likely deteriorate even further and you may fall into the danger zone of deep despair.

If you need further convincing listen to this song. If you have a strong emotional reaction there’s information here that will likely help to some degree. However, if you’ve given it a good try and nothing has changed, get some sort of professional help. It’s usually worth it.


     My life is a mystical experience for I have been blessed
     with insights and revelations known to few. Full of
     spiritual energy, I have little need for sleep or food. I am
     inspired by a power much greater than myself and have
     a mission to reveal great truths to others.

It’s normal for people to experience euphoria, ecstasy, joy, excitement, or jubilation once and awhile. However, a person who remains in a state of euphoria for an extended period of time may be suffering from a mood disorder referred to as hypomania or mania. These states of mind are dangerous. Not only will the person fail to perceive danger, they tend to dismiss warnings from those who care about them.

This is not the place to be if this describes you!

Though you may consider them less enlightened or evolved than you, it would be wise to speak to your family doctor or local mental health counselor before your life caves in. Compare your symptoms to those on this page and judge yourself honestly; especially if you’ve had relatives treated for serious mental health disorders. Come back when your feet are on the ground.

Deep Despair

     Life has defeated me and I don't have the strength to try
     any more. I can hardly sleep and my mind never shuts off.
     I'm not hungry or I eat all the time. I can barely get out of
     bed and my hygiene is poor. My relationships and career
     are in shambles. I think of suicide often and I know I'm
     simply not mentally well.

This website is not for you! Clearly you are suffering from a deep depression or some other serious condition and need professional help. (Check symptoms here.) Please let your doctor know about your symptoms. Write them out if you need to. Deep despair often precedes suicide but your situation may not be as hopeless as you think. Return here when you begin to feel a bit more optimistic.