Pathways to Peace of Mind

There are many ways to cultivate peace of mind including spiritual traditions. Most people who seek help from psychologists and other mental health therapists have either never had peace of mind or wish to regain their emotional composure. Over time I’ve found the following methods to be “user friendly”, practical and effective. Eventually they blend together and enhance each other through synergy.

  • Learn to control where your attention is focussed in terms of time; past, present and future.

  • Develop the ability to return your mind to the present at will.

  • Learn to regulate fault-finding (criticism). Unless under the control of the will, too much or too little fault-finding will interfere with setting realistic personal goals.

  • Learn to notice and regulate your emergency emotions; anger, anxiety and sadness.

  • Set personal goals based upon genuine desires that will lead to authentic happiness.

  • Cultivate opportunities for Flow at work and play.

  • Initiate and cultivate close relationships with others.

The Ritual of Forgiveness

Example of a Forgiveness Letter




Your problem is
you're too busy
holding onto your

Ram Dass